My eJPT Experience

Christopher H.
3 min readSep 17, 2020
eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester

Hello All,

My experience with eJPT and the whole eLearnSecurity platform was great, no really.

I am new to the field of Penetration Testing and I wanted something that could get my feet wet but not be to overwhelming to start out with. I feel that eJPT was just that for me. I already had a background in cyber security and was comfortable working in a Linux virtual environment. I understood many security concepts as well, however I lacked the practical experience.

Penetration Testing Student

The study material for the exam is the PTS course. It is comprised of:

Course material

  • Over 5.5 hours of HQ video training material
  • 1800+ slides
  • 16 extensive Hera labs and 3 Black-box Penetration Tests

The slides do a great job of explaining key concepts in writing and it was very clear and easy for me to read. However I feel that I gained the most from the videos and labs because I am a visual learner. The labs were really great and well put together. In order to start a lab you simply had to hit the red start button, download the session key, then in your terminal window connect via Openvpn. If you ever get stuck on a lab you can just reference the student forum pages. There are a lot of good solutions to common problems on there.

The Exam

When you complete the course material and you feel like you are ready you can navigate to the Exam tab and hit start exam. You are given 3 days to complete the exam. I found 3 days to be more than enough seeing that I completed the exam in 11 hours with many breaks. There are 20 multiple choice questions on the exam that you must answer as you are completing your Penetration Test. In order to pass you must score at least a 15/20–75% . I was able to pass with a 18/20–90% on the exam.

Some Key points to have a good understanding of before attempting the exam:

  • IP route/routing tables
  • TCP/UDP Packet analysis
  • Enumeration and information gathering
  • Brute Force techniques
  • Remote System Exploitation
  • Web App Penetration Testing techniques

After you answer all the questions and submit your exam, you will receive an immediate window of your score. Also an email from eLearnSecurity on the results of your examination.

In no way is this exam the instrument that will get you your first Penetration Testing job. It is also not the thing that will make you an expert. It’s purpose is to introduce new individuals to the field of penetration testing and for me it did just that.

Thank You eLearnSecurity.